Paper Mario: Sticker Star Detailed

Paper Mario: Sticker Star was given a brief live demonstration during Nintendo‘s E3 3DS press conference today. The fourth entry in the role-playing series started off with Mario facing two Goombas in a turn-based battle. Here, the game’s main hook, the use of ingame stickers, was displayed. Mario summoned a Koopa and attacked with its shell via sticker selection.

Stickers will be found in the various environments, some in plain sight and others hidden through puzzles. They can also be earned as rewards in battles. Outside of battle, stickers will also be used to interact with the environments. The new “Paperizing Mode” will turn the environment into a flat 2D surface.

An example was given with Mario placing Fire and Ice Flower stickers to fill in barren crops. He was rewarded with more flower stickers, as well as a powerup from a grateful Toad that boosted his maximum health. It was revealed that Mario will not level up through traditional experience-gaining, but through earning items through interaction with the characters and environments.

Paper Mario: Sticker Star was confirmed for a release this holiday season, with no specific date given. We will keep you updated as more news becomes available.