PewDiePie Quits Twitter After Confirming YouTube Hiatus


Having dedicated a major part of his life to creating and uploading videos on YouTube over the last decade, it appears as if PewDiePie has finally decided to throw in the towel, so to speak.

The internet star, who owns YouTube’s most-subscribed independent channel, confirmed in a video titled “YouTube’s New Update Has A BIG FLAW” that he’ll be taking a step back from his work commitments in the New Year. “I think now is a great time as any to announce: I have a special announcement to make,” he said, adding, “I am taking a break from YouTube next year. I wanted to say it in advance because I made up my mind.”

In reassuring fans that the timeout won’t be permanent, PewDiePie, real name Felix Kjellberg, inferred that his reasons for the limited-time departure come largely as a result of fatigue stemming from uploading new videos almost every day for 10 years on the trot.


The news comes not long after YouTube outlined changes to its anti-harassment policy, which has come under heavy fire for making life incredibly difficult for genuine content creators. Kjellberg has been a vocal critic of both the aforementioned proposals and YouTube’s business practices numerous times in the past and we wouldn’t be surprised if recent events have contributed to his momentary departure.

As for when the star’s legion of followers can expect a return to normality, Kjellberg hasn’t specified an exact date and, what’s more, appears to have committed to a total detox of social media. In the days since his initial shock announcement, the YouTuber’s Twitter profile has been scrubbed clean and abandoned, its profile bio simply reading “I don’t use Twitter, this account is just to prevent fake accounts.”

In light of the total blackout, then, it appears fans will simply have no choice but to wait until the New Year arrives to learn when PewDiePie plans to make his return. Watch this space.