Tiger Woods PGA Tour ’15 Cancelled



In what must surely be the worst thing to happen to Tiger Woods in the last five years, EA have announced that they’re not going to release the 2015 version of that game everyone had for Christmas 1998. In a move that will surely affect the profits of the second-hand games retailers (seriously, go in to anywhere selling second-hand games, spit, and you’ll hit a copy of Tiger Woods PGA Tour), EA has decided to skip Tiger Woods PGA Tour 15 to give their in-house developers time to concentrate on Tiger Woods PGA Tour ’16, for release on next-generation consoles.

How the PS4 or XBox 720 version will differ from previous titles in the series is still unknown. Maybe EA will utilise that extra processing power to allow for greater control with your swing; more freedom over the way you control your club; to be able to see every single strand of the grass atop that sandy bunker; maybe it’ll help with the golf game in some way. Barring any giant losing streak or other revelations about Tiger Woods’ personal life, then Tiger Woods PGA Tour ’16 will get the go-ahead, as it most certainly definitely will. Or not.

What do you think? Upset that you’ll be missing out on Tiger Woods PGA Tour 15? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Joystiq

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