Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies Will Indeed Get Costume Pack DLC In The West

Dual Destinies

DLC! It’s all the rage nowadays. Even I’m on board, and that’s saying something. In a recent announcement via its own official blog, Capcom revealed that the western version of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies will not be excluded from an extra story episode and fancy costume pack that was recently released for the Japanese version of the game. Joy?

If you’re not familiar, Phoenix Wright is a pretty sweet visual novel-adventure-courtroom series (no, for real) generally found on Nintendo handhelds, dating all the way back to the GBA days of yore. I’ve yet to dip into Wright‘s magical macrocosm of judicial integrity just yet, but given Dual Destinies‘ targeted eShop release this Fall and the cool $30 sitting in my Nintendo account thanks to a certain fantastic offer, now may be the time to strike. I can’t wait to yell “Objection!” while I play.

As mentioned, the DLC has two notable features – the first an additional episode of story content and the other a pack of no-doubt-delightful costumes that various characters will don for who knows what reason. From the screenshots issued by Capcom, I’m seeing an attitudinal young female in a semi-scant pirate outfit, and a whale with a mustache. I am so. Not. Complaining.

Be sure to check out the trailer for Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies below if you haven’t already – the game comes across as quite charming. Not only that, but other trailers hint at some pretty zany stuff, such as a rebellious courtroom participant summoning an actual eagle down from the rafters to distract the opposition. I’m new to visual novels and have pretty much only played the brilliant but extremely somber Zero Escape series, so adding some lighter fare to my repertoire will certainly be a welcome change.