Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit Of Justice Out Now, Here’s The Launch Trailer


The next adventure for gaming’s most famous attorney is now available for all to download via the Nintendo eShop on 3DS, Capcom has announced. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justicebesides being a mouthful to say, sees the return of the titular protagonist alongside fellow law expert Apollo Justice as they do battle in the courtroom.

You’ll be upholding justice in two different places this time around, as Mr. Wright will be heading to the kingdom of Khura’in in order to navigate “lawyerless courtrooms” and investigate the Divination Séance, a group of spiritualists who utilize strange methods to determine guilty parties. Wright’s colleague Apollo will be staying behind to take care of the two lawyer’s interests closer to home.

The digital-only title is available to purchase now for $29.99, with several batches of DLC planned to launch over the rest of September. Alternate costumes for various characters are available for free right now too if you purchase the visual novel title within its first week of release, after which each one will be purchasable for $0.99 a piece.

In terms of new story content, three new episodes are due to release every Thursday starting from September 15, one of which, “Turnabout Time Traveler” will be a “full-length case” that marks the return of “even more fan-favorite characters.”

Our own Tyler Treese said in his review of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice that it “manages to reinvigorate a series in its sixth main entry by introducing several smart new features while also bringing back mechanics that had been cast aside.” There’s no objections here, then.

Sorry, we couldn’t help it.