Pikmin 3 Delayed Until Q2 2013, Nintendo Reveals New Gameplay Footage

During the Nintendo Direct presentation earlier today The Big N announced that Pikmin 3 is no longer a “launch window” title for the Wii U, and has officially been delayed into the second quarter of next year.

Pikmin 3‘s original release window put the title’s launch towards the back half of March 2013, this delay means that the highly-anticipated return of Captain Olimar will now take place sometime between April 1st and June 30th of next year.

Despite the disappointing news, Nintendo’s presentation wasn’t all gloom and doom when it came to Pikmin 3. The company showed off a ton of new video of the title in the form of a brand new trailer and some straight up gameplay footage. Both videos reveal new areas and enemies — including a giant crab that the Pikmin can attack for massive damage — that were not shown during E3 last June. Additionally, there is plenty of video showing the new Rock Pikmin in action, who appear to be extremely effective when thrown. It all looks amazing in HD, and there even appears to be some updated texture work and lighting effects that were not in the E3 build.

Make sure to check out both videos embedded below but fair warning, whoever is playing the demo is not at all bothered by the loss of a few Pikmin. Anyone sensitive to watching dozens of Pikmin being needlessly eaten alive best look away.

Given the delay it could be some time before we start to hear more official information on Pikmin 3, as soon as any news breaks we will let you know.

Source: Examiner, NeoGAF