Oh The Places You’ll See In Heroes Of Ruin

These days when people are talking about RPGs it’s all about Final Fantasy and Skyrim and Mass Effect. True, those are all pretty big deals, but I ask you, gamers: what about the little guys? What about Heroes of Ruin?

Heroes of Ruin comes to you from the folks at n-Space, responsible for cult GameCube hit Geist and pretty much every Activision game on the DS.

It’s an action RPG with a focus on co-op. And for a 3DS game, the art direction is very impressive. That is, until you get the dreading fear of having to face shark people.

You heard that right. Shark people.

I have to say, this game has found it’s way onto my radar suddenly. I haven’t been following it because n-Space isn’t one of the developers on my watch list. Definitely keeping my eye on this one.

Heroes of Ruin is due out sometime in the Spring.

What say you, gamers? Do you think the shark people shoot lasers?