Plan Your Character With These Borderlands 2 Skill Tree Previews

One of the role-playing genre’s best assets is its ability to let players model their utilized characters into unique heroes who represent parts of their creators’ individual personalities. That way, every user is able to have his or her own experience, with alternative skill choices offering added replay value.

The original Borderlands is a prime example of the above-mentioned description because, while it presented pre-set avatars, each one had an interesting assortment of skills to choose from during level-up opportunities. For example, soldiers could choose to upgrade their deployable turret with the ability to heal those in close proximity to it, or they could choose to go in a different path by choosing perks that would offer more ammunition or something of that sort.

With Borderlands 2, Gearbox Software has decided to go with a brand new set of vault hunters; however, the characters’ skill selection system seems to be quite similar to what their well-liked predecessors offered. Proof of that fact can be found on the title’s official website, which offers a look at all four characters’ skill trees, allowing fans to plan their upgrades close to ten days before launch.

Borderlands 2 will hit store shelves on September 18.

Source: Kotaku