There Are Currently No Plans To Bring Dead Space 3 To The Wii U

Despite its name, the Wii U has so far made a rather commendable effort in terms of reaching out to the hardcore gamers that Nintendo had seemingly abandoned. With titles such as Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 and Tomb Raider rumoured to be coming to the device, and confirmed releases such as ZombiU sharing the hardcore spirit, every upcoming high profile game is currently being speculated to be coming to the second screen.

Dead Space 3 was one such title, but Visceral Games VP and GM Steve Papoutsis has revealed, when asked by a fan on Twitter, that bringing the Necromorphs over to Nintendo was “not currently in the plan.”

Whilst notably leaving the possibility open in the future, it is difficult to see the game arriving at all if it isn’t upon launch. However, the Wii U is bringing some other EA sequels belatedly to the new console, so perhaps if Mass Effect 3 does as well as I expect we may see Issac making a move after all.

Speaking of Issac, here he is in the newly released box art for the game:

Source: Nintendo World Report