Play Original Wii Games On The GamePad With The Latest Wii U System Update

Zack n Wiki

iOS 7 is cool I guess, but I am so feeling this Wii U system update right now. Nintendo has added a substantial amount of new stuff this time around, with features ranging from the quietly convenient to the wholly experience-altering.

The most notable of the additions is the ability for original Wii games to be streamed to the GamePad. Notice I didn’t say played on the GamePad – you’ll still need a Wii Remote and Nunchuk just like you always have, but now the GamePad can double as a portable little television on which to play Skyward Sword. Maybe it’s not as cool as it might initially seem, but I can still think of plenty of situations where this would be a useful feature.

According to IGN, the update includes a handful of other additions as well; the list is as follows.

  • The ability to automatically receive recommended demos and software using SpotPass.
  • The ability to disable Nintendo ID use via smartphone or web browser
  • USB keyboard support
  • A dedicated friend list icon on the Wii U Menu
  • Support for Dolby Pro Logic II Surround Sound when playing Wii software
  • Users can chat via a headset plugged into the GamePad (for Wii U Chat)
  • Internet Browser improvements
  • Overall system stability improvements

Headset and keyboard! Though it’s kind of shocking that the Wii U couldn’t already do that, it’s definitely good the functionality has finally been added in. As for USB keyboards… well, if the Wii U ever gets a good MMO, one of those will definitely come in handy. Not to mention posting on Miiverse. And you know you’re going to want that sweet, sweet Dolby Pro Logic II when playing your Wii games on the GamePad. With your Wii Remote and cheap headset. You know, it really does sound pretty cumbersome when you stop and think about it.

Either way, the update is no doubt timed to coincide with tomorrow’s Nintendo Direct stream, so definitely stay tuned for any and all news that may come out of that. I just hope Bill Trinen picks apples again.