PlayStation 5 Pre-Orders Will Reportedly Be Limited By Household

PlayStation 5

Nobody’s exactly sure when, but it won’t be long now until Sony finally opens pre-orders for PlayStation 5.

Alongside Microsoft’s Xbox Series X, the next-gen console is due to hit retail at the tail end of 2020, ushering in the next generation and giving the existing PS4 approval to enter well-deserved retirement in the process. With less than six months to go until both devices arrive, then, it looks as if prep work for the big day is at last beginning to shift up a gear. That’s according to a series of discoveries made by Reddit user Kgarvey, at least, who believes recent changes made to Sony’s digital Direct store indicate that pre-orders are imminent.

The likeliest scenario, they say, is that the window will open within the next fortnight or so, as implied by updated source code on the digital storefront. Interestingly, however, it appears that attempting to add more than one version of the console to checkout – achieved via manipulation of HTML code – returns an error message notifying the customer of a strict household limit.

Furthermore, Kgarvey notes that no distinction between the PS5’s disc and digital-only SKUs is present, meaning that those who pre-order directly from the company will have to choose between both versions. This all remains a relatively moot point, of course, as retailers such as GameStop and Amazon will stock the hardware for sale, and likely without quantity restrictions, to boot.

One alternative, on the other hand, is that Sony will exclusively handle pre-orders and only distribute stock to third-parties once the street date has arrived. An incredibly unlikely outcome, no doubt, but stranger things have certainly happened in the past.

As always, be sure to let us know what you make of the above developments, and whether you’ll be pre-ordering PlayStation 5, in the usual place below!