PlayStation 5 Price Reportedly Revealed And It’s Cheaper Than You Think

God of War

Microsoft and Sony are due to deliver their next-gen hardware this year in the form of Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, but how much do we really know about either console? Specs aside, remarkably very little.

The former decided to unveil what the Xbox One’s successor would look like during last year’s Game Awards but Sony, secretive as ever, has so far refused to even share that. The expected blowout (likely live-streamed affairs in the face of growing concerns over COVID-19) of new details is expected to arrive sometime in June to coincide with the annual reveal season traditionally kickstarted with E3. Neither party will be present in Los Angeles this time due to the ESA’s decision to cancel this year’s event, though with launch day for both devices penned-in for the holiday season, it’s only a matter of time until the deafening silence comes to an end.

One burning question many are eager to see answered by both parties, of course, is how much will consumers be expected to shell out for the hardware? And it’s one that may already have been answered.

Canadian retailer Play N Trade has started taking pre-orders for PlayStation 5 (H/T, NotebookCheck) with a listed price of $559 CAD or just shy of $400 USD. If true, the price tag would mimic that of the PlayStation 4’s launch RRP, though we should caution against taking Play N Trade’s listing as fact. Sony has yet to confirm any such detail and, traditionally speaking, at least, such important specifics are almost always accompanied with a release date. With major retailers still yet to open pre-orders, then, it’s likely that this is either little more than a guess or a placeholder.

PlayStation 5 is expected to arrive this holiday season, but in the meantime, let us know how much you think the ninth-generation console will cost in the comments section below.