PlayStation 5 Reportedly Suffering Major Hardware And Overheating Issues

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Sony may have already doomed itself to second-best in the escalating race to deliver next-gen hardware.

The reason? According to alarming and increasingly frequent reports emerging online, the multinational corporation has severely underestimated its competition in creating the PlayStation 5, to such an extent that it could be forced to delay the machine’s projected holiday launch window by up to a year. The latest details come by way of an extensive summary of the current situation by Twitter user Jeff Rickel, who claims, by way of direct contact with developers working on games for the platform, that Sony’s next console is dangerously underequipped to deal with Microsoft’s Xbox Series X.

You can check out the entire exposé, which paints a rather dire picture, for yourself below:

As for believability, we’re always going to caution taking any unverified rumors with a pinch of salt, but it appears that Rickel isn’t alone in his assessment. In fact, his claims have been somewhat substantiated by Windows Central executive editor Daniel Rubino, who not only retweeted Rickel’s post but corroborated some of the findings by revealing they’ve heard of similar concerns.

Assuming everything up to this point holds true (and it’s looking incredibly likely), then it certainly seems as if history is doomed to repeat itself. ‘Winner’ of the current console generation it may be, but as was the case back in 2006 when it released the PlayStation 3, Sony has once again fallen into the trap that is overconfidence, believing itself to be too far in front of the competition to consider it a threat.

For the sake of healthy competition between itself and Microsoft though, I truly hope these latest developments are a result of simple miscommunication and that the lack of official information for PlayStation 5 isn’t the troubling sign we’re being led to believe it is.