Is PlayStation All-Stars Coming To Vita?

Haven’t I ranted enough about pointless leaks like this? According to the proud resume of a particular sound designer, Sony Smash Bros. PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale might be coming to the PS Vita as well.

Enter Robert Krekel. You might have heard of some of the games he’s worked on. He’s been the sound designer on games such as Starhawk and Twisted Metal. His latest work reads as working on PlayStation All-Stars for both PS3 and….Vita?!

Granted, this is far from a confirmation, but it isn’t entirely out of the realm of possibility. Given that the Vita and PS3 are very close in terms of power, this is definitely possible. I expect we’ll get some sort of word on this during E3 in June.

You know what I hope? A double pack, with added features if you get both games. Make it happen, Sony.