PlayStation Home Getting Facelift, Might Actually Be Worth It

Remember PlayStation Home? A service that Sony announced four years ago as some sort of social tool in the form of a free-to-play MMO that really didn’t resonate with gamers? Well it may be time to finally have a reason to re-download Home, as Sony has shown some of the major revamps they plan to implement into Home this fall.

The revamp comes in the form of a new “Hub and District” system, which will keep things more organized, and help players find what they need much easier.

The Hub (pictured above) will act as a base of operations for everyone currently playing. It will feature an activity board loaded with games, contests, and quests, similar to a traditional MMO.

The Districts will all have a distinct look, feel, and purpose. The urban-inspired Action District will be for gamers favoring FPS, action or horror games. The Sportswalk will have constantly updating scores from major games going on, as well as a focus on sports video games. The Adventure District is reminiscent of a jungle you’d find right out of Uncharted. The Pier Park will be a carnival-inspired area dedicated to puzzle and arcade games.

Sony’s plan is to make Home the “ultimate social game on consoles.” While a new organizational structure is certainly a step in the right direction, I think gamers still might find Home to be lacking.

What say you, gamers? Anyone planning on booting this up and seeing if the changes are any good?