Playstation Home Turns 2 Years Old

Playstation Home has officially turned 2 years old! In a posting by Jack Buser, the Director of Playstation Home, on the official Playstation blog, he has informed us of the progress that Playstation home has made, new features that have been added, and what the future holds for the users of this social world.

According to the blog post, Playstation Home is now enjoyed by 17 million users worldwide, giving them the opportunity to come together, make some friends, enjoy some mini games, and have fun in the social environment. Jack seems very pleased with the progress Home has made, evident by this statement he made in the blog post:

“It’s amazing to look at the evolution of Playstation Home and see how much it has changed since we launched in December two years ago. From our humble beginnings in 2008, we’ve become a world filled with hundreds of games enjoyed by 17 million users worldwide and given Playstation Network users a unique and dynamic gaming experience that can only be found on our platform.”

He also announced several new games headed for Playstation Home, including Conspiracy, which will throw players into a secret world where they will have to join different factions and steal enemy goods, all while uncovering the true conspiracy behind it all.

Also announced was Sodium 2, sequel to the highly popular original Playstation Home game, Sodium One. This sequel will expand on pretty much every part of the original, featuring a new soundtrack, supersonic speeds, and customizable jet racers.

You can check out the full blog post here.

Playstation Home has come quite a ways in the past 2 years since it launched, bringing fun mini games, cool social features, and a whole new way to interact with the community to the Playstation Network. How much more will Home evolve in the next two years? We’ll have to wait and find out.