PlayStation is allowing Plus Premium subscribers to try out ‘The Last of Us Part I’

Ellie and Joel from The Last of Us
Image via Naughty Dog

Has all of The Last of Us HBO Max hype got you interested in the show’s video game source material? Well, you’re in luck because PlayStation has announced that PlayStation Plus Premium members will be able to try out the game for free.

“Continue Joel and Ellie’s journey with a game trial for The Last of Us Part I available now with PlayStation Plus Premium,” the official PlayStation Twitter account said, along with a link to a “2-hour full game trial.” The game has been “completely rebuilt” for the “latest PS5 engine technology with advanced visual fidelity, fully integrated DualSense™ wireless controller features, and more.”

Here’s the game’s synopsis, which people who’ve watched the show will be somewhat familiar with:

“In a ravaged civilization, where infected and hardened survivors run rampant, Joel, a weary protagonist, is hired to smuggle 14-year-old Ellie out of a military quarantine zone. However, what starts as a small job soon transforms into a brutal cross-country journey.”

The game is also available for purchase for $69.99. If you don’t want to pay that much, one intrepid user pointed out that you can get the remastered PS4 version for free with the PS Plus collection, a membership that costs $9.99 a month. The PlayStation Plus Premium membership runs $17.99 a month.

However, the remastered version is not the PS5 version, but otherwise, they’re identical for the most part.

The Last of Us airs Sundays on HBO Max.