PlayStation Network Is Suffering Due To PlayStation 4 Launch

rumored playstation 4 box (5)

Take note, Microsoft. Sony has revealed that the PlayStation Network is having connection problems due to the launch of the PlayStation 4. Not that this should surprise anyone, but due to a “very high volume” on the service, many users are experiencing issues when trying to connect to the console’s online service.

Additionally, we’re also hearing that the PSN has gone down for maintenance and that Sony hopes to have a fix for all this shortly. Luckily, the company is keeping their customers up to date on the PlayStation Forum.

As I mentioned above, this news was to be expected. After all, everyone who purchased a PS4 today needs to download a 308MB firmware patch. That alone would put a strain on Sony’s servers, not to mention all of the new users who are hopping onto the PSN for the first time.

Still, it’s a shame to see that the company didn’t plan properly for this and that some people are sitting there with an offline PlayStation 4. I can’t imagine that being very much fun.

We’ll let you know when we receive further updates but for now, tell us, how are you enjoying your PlayStation 4 so far?