Playstation Phone Getting Leaked Again

Guess what? More footage of the ‘phone that doesn’t officially exist’ has popped up on the net, and this time it’s in a high quality top down view. The last glimpse we (supposedly) had of Sony’s worst kept secret in history (is that what makes it exciting? I’m not sure now) was a very fuzzy and obstructed cam video, which could in all honesty have been showing a multicoloured jar of chili sauce for all we could tell.

But now we have some crystal clear footage…the kind that Sony is probably wincing at right now, for your viewing pleasure. I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty convinced this is a legit model, even if it isn’t quite the finished one. Notice the confirmation that the phone/gaming hybrid of doom will indeed be running on Android, the funny little tracking strip at the bottom (which serves as two analogue sticks thus far).

For me though, the phone looks a little chunky…for a phone (if that’s a relevant comment). If we look at it as a brand new, dedicated hand held device, its bulkiness it plausible. But the problem is, is that it isn’t. It’s a phone as well. This device in relation to the mobile crazes at the moment is quite literally, a monster. Not to mention the fact the slide down ‘controller’ is looking startlingly basic and plain? As this video was uploaded to a YouTube account without any explanation, this could be anyone with any version of the phone. Just think, it might not even look like this anymore.

Exciting stuff regardless though.

So next big question: who actually wants one? *gust of wind*