PlayStation Plus games revealed for January 2022

playstation plus january 2022 games
Image: Atlus

It’s that time of the month again. After some accurate leaks, the PlayStation Plus games for next month have been announced.

The games coming to PlayStation Plus users in the new year are Deep Rock Galactic on PS4 and PS5, Dirt 5 on PS4 and PS5, and Persona 5 Strikers on PS4. All are available to download starting January 4 until February 1. Let’s take a closer look at these incredible games on offer.

Deep Rock Galactic – PS4, PS5

Image: Ghost Ship Games

Deep Rock Galactic is a procedurally-generated co-op shooter developed by Ghost Ship Games. Dig, explore and fight in cavernous structures while accruing resources and surviving with your friends. The surprising thing about this game in this month’s lineup is that the game is not out on PlayStation yet. This wouldn’t be the first time PlayStation has put a new release on their PlayStation Plus lineup having done it more than once in 2021. 

Dirt 5 – PS4, PS5

Image: Codemasters

A classic launch lineup PS5 game, developed by Codemasters, Dirt 5 is mainly an off-road racer, racing on dirt tracks and ice roads with over 50 different cars and over 75 different tracks. Featuring a story mode with Nolan North and Troy Baker as your rival and mentors, the game is a solid choice if you want a racing game on your PlayStation 5.  

Persona 5 Strikers – PS4 only

Image: ATLUS

Persona 5 Strikers, developed by Omega Force and P-Studio, is a crossover between Dynasty Warriors and Persona 5. Set a year and a half after the events of Persona 5, Persona 5 Strikers is an action role-playing game where you play as Joker and take control of personas as you fight your way through Japan. 

This is a pretty good PlayStation Plus lineup and hopefully, it is a sign of things to come for 2022. Do you think the lineup is stellar? Let us know in the comments below!