Free PlayStation Plus Games That We May Get For July

PlayStation Plus subscribers will be getting two new free games beginning in July, and we take a look at which ones they might be.

Unless you’ve been living in self-induced quarantine for much longer than even the most precautionary world government organization has recommended, you probably know that the current chapter of entertainment history is being written by the streaming services.

Over the past few years, companies like Netflix, Hulu and HBO have been so successful, their sheer existence has not only transformed the film industry, but the gaming one as well. Not long ago, the only thing you needed to play a game was, well, the game itself.

Nowadays, however, that won’t cut it anymore. Emulating the subscriber-based strategies of the streamers, PlayStation, Xbox and various other platforms have been requiring players to pay a monthly service fee in order to get the most out of their games.

Sounds like economic extortion, right? Maybe, but at least these companies are giving out some pretty sweet free games for their subscribers to enjoy each month. To that end, here are the free titles that PlayStation Plus members might be able to play in July – that is, if the predictions made by reporters at turn out to be on the money.

First and foremost, believes that we might get access to Death Stranding. Produced by legendary video game designer Hideo Kojima, this horror-esque survival title sees you take control of a Norman Reedus lookalike on a quest to “deliver supplies to fractured and isolated colonies and reconnect them via a wireless communications network.”

Death Stranding

Hotly-anticipated for over half a decade, the game was kind of a disappointment upon release. Praised by a handful of highbrow critics, it was widely disliked by everyday customers who buy games not to appreciate the art, but to have a good time. And as the world’s most painstakingly-detailed walking simulator, Death Stranding did not hold up to the second of those two points.

The second title which PlayStation Plus members might be able to access, believes, is the indie game Rocket Arena. It’s not as dramatic or visually impressive as Death Stranding, but it’s colorful and offers a plain, old and unapologetically fun gaming experience that’s sure to remind you of the classic PlayStation One and GameCube efforts.

But tell us, do you believe that these will be the two titles offered up next month to PlayStation Plus members? As always, let us know your thoughts down below