A PlayStation Version Of Smash Bros. Might Actually Happen

You see that creepy picture of Sweet Tooth there? Well if recent rumors can be believed, that’s a leaked shot from the development of a super secret game being worked on for Sony that mashes a bunch of PlayStation first-party characters into a fight with each other. A “Sony Smash Bros.” if you will.

Why should I believe rumors you say? Well, according to a load of news first unearthed on the Paul Gale Network, the game Title Fight is in existence from developer SuperBot Entertainment.

The rumors at face value are just that, rumors, but a NeoGAF thread has done some further digging, finding potential characters listed such as Sly Cooper, Kratos, Fat Princess, Parappa the Rapper and the aforementioned Sweet Tooth.

That same thread has also unearthed the above supposed leaked picture of Sweet Tooth in development mode.

And although it has been removed by now, a tweet from SuperBot level designer Chris Molina, has stated that the recent string of PlayStation-related “Long Live Play” commercials, featuring a host of different PlayStation characters all talking about their various exploits in a bar, was “vaguely foreshadowing” his studio’s “upcoming, unannounced title.”

I’ve read some of the impressions on the internet, and the general consensus seems to be that this would be awesome, (because it would be!) but there’s skepticism on if Sony would actually have enough characters to put into a game like this. Longtime readers might remember a feature I posted a few months ago about how such a crossover fighting game might work for PlayStation-related characters. If you have any doubt at all that there are enough characters, I urge you to give it a read.

What say you, gamers? Is this something you might be interested in?