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Pokéfans share their favorite secret in-game mechanics

Turns out Pokémon has a lot of secrets.

Pokémon has plenty of hidden mechanics that you might not have known about. Some of them may have been obvious, while others require some out-of-the-box thinking for you to uncover them. And with a new Pokémon title coming out in a few months, fans are discussing some of their favorite mechanics that they’ve discovered in the game.

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Reddit user u/billthestamps asked the community at r/Pokemon what their favorite game mechanic was, where they showed the hidden Cut mechanic from the Game Boy era games.

A few users recalled when the badges from Pokémon Diamond and Pearl games for the Nintendo DS could also be used as a musical instrument when tapped. Others enjoyed the cleaning mechanic that these same badges had back then.

Others pointed out that you can still hit Pokémon when they use “unhittable” moves such as Fly or Dig. Trainers used attacks such as gust, earthquake, and thunder to help attack those who were out of sight during the battle.

Some fans poked fun at the idea of pressing A or B to increase the capture rate of a Pokémon. So far, no one knows if this actually works or not. The placebo effect can do wonders, however, even for gamers.

One Reddit user tried to justify using in-game glitches and cheats as a hidden in-game mechanic as technically, it’s in the game.

Pokémon has a lot of secrets when it came to its hidden gameplay features. But when discovered, they blew fans’ minds as they changed everything they thought they knew about the game they were playing. And who knows, maybe Pokémon Scarlet and Violet will have their own in-game secrets.

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