Nintendo Details Its Three Upcoming Pokémon Titles

It wouldn’t be a Nintendo discussion without Pokémon.

With Pokémon White 2 and Pokémon Black 2 on the horizon, Nintendo detailed what we can expect from the series’ first direct sequels. Taking place two years after the original versions, players will once again transverse the Unova region in a new adventure. During their time spent in the game’s world, fans will encounter Pokémon from previous titles, with some becoming available right from the get-go. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Pokémon game without new gym leaders and Pokémon trainers to battle throughout.

As if that wasn’t enough to whet our Pokémon appetite, Nintendo also gave us an inside look at the Pokémon games that will become available through the 3DS’ eShop.

Pokémon Dream Radar allows you to search for Pokémon in the world around you through the use of augmented reality. The game features hard to catch Pokémon such as Tornadus, Landorus, and Thuundurus, and will allow you to transfer them into your copy of Pokémon Black 2 or Pokémon White 2.

The Pokédex 3D Pro acts as an interactive database with information on every known species, including what moves they can learn and how they evolve. You can also take pictures of your favorite Pokémon in the real world with the 3DS’ augmented reality.

I have to admit, the augmented reality idea seems pretty cool. I can’t imagine any scenario that would lead this to being abused, or any way it would scar my life. I mean, no one would do that…would they?