Pokemon Go Expands To Germany, International Release Coming Soon


Pokemon Go is finally beginning to establish a presence in Europe, with developer Niantic confirming that the über-popular app is now available in Germany. Those in Deutschland will find the AR (Augmented Reality) title on both Google Play as well as the App Store.

Wary of overloading the servers, it’s understood that the studio is planning to roll out Go incrementally across the globe. An international release is believed to be right around the corner, though, and those across Australia, North America and other countries have already been amassing their collection of Pocket Monsters.

However, Pokemon Go hasn’t been without its controversies – a blame that can be attributed to over-eager players as much as the app itself. Earlier today, for instance, we caught wind that both the US Holocaust Memorial Museum and Arlington National Cemetery had taken measures to discourage budding Pokemon trainers from playing the AR title on hallowed ground, and consider any such action to be “extremely inappropriate.”

On a more positive note, the groundswell of support that Pokemon Go has garnered extends far beyond the video game industry, with news emerging that Legendary Pictures is closing in on a deal for a new, live-action movie.