Pokemon Snap Available To Download Today In North America Via Wii U Virtual Console


Pokemon Snap will finally be available to download in North America via the Wii U‘s Virtual Console today, Nintendo has confirmed. Although the spinoff title has been downloadable on the service since last summer in Europe, it’s taken Nintendo an extra six months to make the game available overseas, although for what reason, we don’t know. Better late than never, eh?

Released back in 1999 for the N64, Pokemon Snap was one of the first in the franchise to be released on a home console and tasks players with taking pictures of various ‘Mons in their natural habitats. The better the picture, the more points you earn. There are 63 different critters to snap in total, with various gadgets and upgrades for your camera unlocked as you progress.

It may sound rather bland, but the inclusion of various mechanics and Easter eggs made finding them all a more head-scratching task then one would perhaps expect. As for the rest of this week’s new Nintendo Download releases (via Nintendo Life), 3DS owners can look forward to grabbing indie puzzler Quiet, Please! for $2.99, while Wii U’s eShop welcomes the arrival of Spheroids, Zombie Brigade: No Brain No Gain and CUP CRITTERS, all of which can be picked up for less than $10.

While it’s not quite the sequel that fans have been clamoring for since the release of the original, Pokemon Sun and Moon allows Trainers to take pictures of wild Pokemon in various locations and being scored on its quality. Will we ever see a fully fledged Pokemon Snap sequel? Unlikely, but keep those fingers crossed!