Pokémon X And Y Bonanza: New Creatures, Gameplay And Box Art Revealed



From the overgrown grass of the wild to your humble 3DS, this October will see the sixth-generation of Pokémon be released in the form of Pokémon X And Y. Situated in a brand new region called Kalos, the pairing games will invite players to explore thriving towns, mysterious caves and, in typical Pokémon fashion, to catch ‘em all. In order to whet the appetite of fans worldwide, The Pokémon Company International debuted a brand new gameplay trailer which you can glimpse below.

Trainers will traverse the luscious lands of Kalos and, for the first time in the long-running series – since 1996, to be exact – the game will be rendered in 3D. Along with the in game footage above, the company teased the collection of pocket monsters that await gamers this fall with details on four new Pokémon. Namely Helioptile (Electric), Fletchling (Flying), Pancham (Fighting) and finally Gogoat (Grass), which you can hop onto as a means of transport as illustrated in the demo.

Though we don’t know an awful lot about Pokémon X And Y at this point in time – perhaps at E3 we’ll learn more – fans can readily expect a familiar blend of RPG elements and adventure that have become the franchise’s legacy over the course of 16 years. In saying that, the latest instalments mark many firsts for the renown series. Chiefly, this Pokémon game will be released in all territories at the same time – as opposed to Japan getting a head start – plus, with features such as a dynamic camera angle in battle and a graphical overhaul in terms of the animation, Pokémon X And Y is shaping up to be the best, most encompassing experience the franchise has ever produced. Come on, you can’t say you didn’t smile when you heard the music in the trailer.

Pokémon X And Y have been slated for release this October exclusively for Nintendo 3DS. Until then, feast your eyes on the newly announced Pokémon in the gallery below and tell us which game you’ll be picking up in a few months time.

Source: IGN

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