The Pokémon Company Now Printing More Cards To Combat Scalpers


Pokémon fans fed up with not being able to get their hands on the Trading Card Game’s latest and greatest products finally have some good news.

For those not aware of the situation, The Pokémon Company, which directly oversees all things concerning the popular hobby, has been struggling for some time to meet a huge increase in demand for the fancy cardboard. The surge in popularity, while not attributable to any single event, is largely believed to have gained increased exposure thanks to a wave of YouTube influencers such as Logan Paul getting in on the nostalgia rush of opening vintage packs produced by Wizards of the Coast.

This, as well as an ever-increasing scarcity of old sets, has driven the price up on everything including new releases, to the extent that scalpers have been buying up anything they can get their hands on in order to resell stock on secondary markets for a huge profit. The final straw, though, it seems, has been the debacle surrounding a recent McDonald’s promotion.

Following several reports of adults staking out participating stores to buy up as many Happy Meals – which contain exclusive booster packs to celebrate the franchise’s 25th anniversary – as possible, The Pokémon Company has stepped in to acknowledge current goings-on. In a statement released on Twitter, it said:

We’re aware that some fans are experiencing difficulties purchasing certain Pokémon TCG products due to very high demand. In response, we are reprinting impacted products at maximum capacity to ensure fans can enjoy the Pokémon TCG.

While the above doesn’t specifically mention which sets are getting reprinted (likely to avoid further price manipulation), it’s logical to expect that those noted as being incredibly difficult to locate (Hidden/Shining Fates, Champion’s Path, etc.) will be first in line to get a restock. These are expected to reach retailers as soon as possible, according to a more in-depth article, which you can find over on the official Pokémon website by hitting the link below.