Pokémon Masters Has Made $25 Million In Its First Week Of Release

Pokemon Masters

The recent launch of Pokémon Masters has further cemented the franchise’s reputation for having a Midas touch. DeNA’s mobile game, which is now on Android and iOS devices, has been publicly available (a limited soft launch happened earlier this year) for just over a week and, surprise surprise, has been generating cash hand over fist ever since. As per analytics website Sensor Tower, the title has so far generated revenue of more than $25 million, putting it comfortably in second place in terms of the franchise’s mobile output.

Way out in front, of course, is Niantic’s behemoth Pokémon Go, which recorded an eye-watering $56 million in its first week of release. Compared with Pokémon Quest‘s third place-winning $3 million, however, Masters is clearly a home run for DeNA, who’s thanked fans for making its latest venture a success on Twitter.

For Pokéfans who had perhaps let this one slip under the radar, Pokémon Masters provides a neat twist on the tried and true formula by placing emphasis on human/Pokémon companionship. Instead of following suit with mainlanders, the practice of hurling Poké Balls at any moving object on the man-made island resort of Pasio is expressly forbidden or rather, impossible. Due to the island’s artificial nature, no wild Pokémon are present and instead, players battle opponents through the use of so-called Sync Pairs. Think of them as pre-made teams made up of famous characters stretching the franchise’s entire history.

As for how DeNA intends to keep that number on the upswing, various events and content drops including the likes of additional Sync Pairs are planned, one of which is available in-game as you read these words. ‘Reach for the Top’ is available to all Pokémon Masters players until September 29th and awards Blue and his Piedgeot as an additional Sync Pair. Good luck!