Pokémon Go Surprise Update Adds Three Brand New Legendary Pokémon

Pokemon Go

Pokémon Go players going about their daily Trainer routines today are in for a huge surprise.

As it turns out, developer Niantic has been toying around with some new ideas behind closed doors, one result of which is the stealth introduction of three brand new legendary ‘Mons for fans of the mobile game to seek out and capture. Following several reports by players that the legendary Lake Trio, Azelf, Mespirit and Uxie, have begun appearing across the globe, official confirmation has since arrived via the Pokémon Go Twitter.

While not explicitly named, each silhouette clearly resembles the aforementioned threesome, all of which hail from the Sinnoh region. Embedded within the lore of their debut games Pokémon Diamond & Pearl, the mythical critters are said to be most commonly found near large bodies of water, a trait that appears to have been carried over for their appearance in Pokémon Go. It should be noted, of course, that as legendaries, the encounter rate for each of the three is still an extremely low chance, even if looking in the right places.

Until now, legendary and mythical Pokémon alike have been exclusive to Trainers participating in endgame raids, making this particular announcement all the more remarkable. Whether this is an indication that Niantic has similar plans for future creatures headed to Pokémon Go remains to be seen, but it’s a welcome change of pace, nonetheless. No doubt by now, the temptation to visit your nearest beach or lake is overwhelming, but be warned – there’s a catch.

Similarly to past newcomers, these Pokédex entries appear to be region-specific. As for where to find each one, early reports indicate that Mespirit can be found in and around Europe, Uxie in Asia-Pacific and finally, Azelf in the Americas. In other words, in order to Catch ‘Em All, you’ll need to start setting up some trades with other players around the world.

Good luck, Trainers!