Portal 2 Screenshots Are Atmospheric

Atmospheric, chilling, hospital/laboratory decor, eerie, hauntingly pretty, intriguing, and dramatic come to mind. Valve have been saying for a week or so now that Portal 2 is pretty much finished already, and that the team are really just polishing it all and giving it a thorough, careful, and rigorous playtest before it releases on April 18th/22nd .

Naturally they have a whole host of impressive screenshots to flash around until then, and these are just adding to the pile of shiny want-ness. Take a peek yourself and then consider how you will manage to keep yourself distracted till the end of April…and hibernation isn’t the answer.

Portal 2 is taking the step up by adding a fully fledged campaign several times larger than the original, a complimentary but separate online co-op mode, and tons of quirky new puzzle mechanics to scratch your brain over.