Potential Need For Speed Release Date Spotted, Reboot May Include Overlapping Stories


Following last week’s official reveal, EA has put its upcoming Need for Speed reboot on the back-burner as the mega-publisher preps for its E3 showcase – of which the title will no doubt play an instrumental part. But that hasn’t stopped the prying eyes of the Internet, and specifically Reddit, from uncovering information about the in-development racer, with one user in particular unearthing a now-pulled Xbox Games listing that slated NFS for a release on November 3.

The image in question, when you can find embedded below, also hints at some as-yet-unconfirmed details regarding the title’s game modes. Specifically, the blurb states that 2015’s Need for Speed will incorporate multiple ways to play, including Speed, Style, Build, Crew and Outlaw. According to the post, these options will allow players to “carve [their] own unique path, via multiple overlapping stories, gaining reputation on [their] journey to become the ultimate icon”

Of course, without any confirmation from EA or developer Ghost Games, it’s worth approaching these tidbits with some caution. Granted, after placing the franchise on brief hiatus in 2014, the Swedish studio has promised fans a Need for Speed experience like no other, and one that will offer up true innovation. Could this innovation materalize in the form of overlapping stories? Time will tell.

Situated in the “nocturnal open world of urban car culture,” Ghost Games’ upcoming reboot is shaping up to be Need for Speed Underground 3 in all but name. EA will no doubt offer up new, official details during E3 next month, and only then will we know if the November 3 release date is accurate. For now, the racer has been pegged for an autumn launch.


Source: Reddit