Press Play’s Kalimba Set To Receive PC Port And Free DLC Next Week


After a successful launch on the Xbox One back in December, Press Play has announced that Kalimba will be coming to Windows PC next week. Additionally, the port will be released alongside several major pieces of DLC content for the game.

Set on the mystical, titular planet, Kalimba is a colorful platformer that has players controlling two totem pieces at the same time, which they must guide through a litany of challenges and obstacles, including cracked ice, menacing black fog and giant beasts. The precise and tough platformer also features a robust co-op mode that is as frustrating as it is fun.

Previously exclusive to Xbox One gamers, PC owners can now get in on all of the totem jumping madness of Kalimba. Releasing through Steam, the title will carry a cost of $9.99 and comes with full support for both gamepad and keyboard controls, so players can decide which method best suits their abilities.

DLC will also be made available beginning on April 22nd. The free selection of content for Kalimba focuses on two new game modes. The Llama Mode is a local multiplayer mode that has up to six players racing through levels in order to see who can complete it with the best time. Similarly, the Puma Mode lets players race against either the ghosts of their friends or the computer for leaderboard dominance across 30 different levels.

The other two DLC packs, “Dark Void” and “Co-Optimistic,” will be free to new and existing owners of the game for a limited time when it launches next week. Both sets will remain free until May 6, after which they will each carry a cost of $3.99, or can be purchased together for $5.99. As for what these sets include, “Dark Void” comes with 10 single-player levels, as well as a new gameplay mechanic. As the name implies, “Co-Optimistic” comes bundled with 10 new co-operative levels.

As one of my favorite hidden gems of 2014, I’m excited for not only new Kalimba content, but also the fact that more gamers can now experience it. You can read my original review right here, but just know that the game is a real treat and I urge you to pick it up if you have the chance.