Pro Evolution Soccer 2014’s Online Modes Include Master League, 11 Vs. 11 And More


Though Konami’s footie simulator trots into European stores today, Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 won’t debut in the US until September 24th, and in order to provide fans with a taste of the beautiful game, the Japanese developer today detailed the game’s online component. Featuring the return of the ever-popular Master League mode and 11 Vs. 11 multiplayer, these features will be implemented in two separate patches, with the former being available from day one.

Though the first patch is tailored to bring the various online modes into the game, the supplementary file will also address gameplay issues reported from the demo. These tweaks in particular include player response times and PES 2014’s shooting mechanic, with Konami assuring fans that the complaints have been ironed out ahead of the game’s North American launch.

Fans of the established franchise will be pleased to hear that the Master League Online game mode will be available upon release. Not only that, the household mechanic has been polished with a more realistic budget and an overhaul to the online leaderboards. In the weeks after launch, Konami will roll out a second patch for Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 which will entail the 11 vs. 11 multiplayer mode coupled with improvements to animations and optimising the matchmaking system to allow for more balanced online matches.

Built using Hideo Kojima’s new FOX engine – which is responsible for the visually stunning Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom PainPES 2014 is, according to the studio, the most advanced iteration of the series since its inception back in 2001. The high-end system will also imbue the game with precise physics – namely the TruBall Tech – and added visual fidelity, which are central to the improvements residing within Pro Evolution Soccer 2014.

Currently, the demo version of Konami’s latest football/soccer simulator is available to download via PlayStation Network or Xbox Games Store. The game is scheduled to release nationwide on Tuesday, September 24th.

PES 2014 Offers Dynamic Online Modes, Including the Return of Master League Online and 11 vs 11 Multiplayer Play

Today, Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc., detailed the online experience for the highly anticipated soccer game, Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) 2014.

As a free day one patch, players connecting their game online will immediately unlock the Friendly Match Lobby and Ranking Match, allowing for sophisticated match making and leaderboard rankings. Master League Online mode also makes its triumphant return.

In a second patch, to be provided in the weeks after the initial launch, players will be given access to the full online suite for PES 2014. This patch brings the 11 vs. 11 multiplayer features. To complement the 11 vs 11 match up, new matchmaking support systems will place similarly ranked players together for a deliberately balanced match. Roster updates and cosmetic improvements, including facial features and overall aesthetics will be included in the second patch.

PES 2014 marks major advancements for the popular soccer game, with the inclusion of Konami’s proprietary developed by Kojima Productions, FOX Engine in their overhauled football-specific production system. Utilizing this new technology allowed the PES Production team to focus on recreating many of the tangible skills of your favorite players and teams, such as ball movements (TrueBall Tech), and sophisticated AI (TeamPlay). Fans will also see personalized animations and celebrations (PES ID) to bring their highlights to life. Finally, the intangible elements, such as stadium crowds and player energy will play a larger impact on the momentum of the match through the Heart system, linking close to the user’s performance in gameplay.

PES 2014 is rated ‘E’ for Everyone by the ESRB and will be available in retail stores nationwide beginning September 24th. Digital versions of PES 2014 will be available for download beginning Sept. 24th on the PlayStation®Network Store and beginning October 1st on XBOX®Live Arcade.

A free playable demo for PES 2014 is available now through XBOX Live Arcade and PlayStation Network.

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