Progress In Killing Floor 2 Will Carry Over To Release Following Early Access Stint


As the first guest studio on E3’s inaugural PC Gaming Show yesterday evening, Tripwire Interactive got the ball rolling by discussing more about its Early Access title Killing Floor 2, even releasing the appropriately bonkers new trailer which you can see above.

As a matter of fact, the developer has some good news to share about the imminent retail release: all of the progress made in the current build won’t be reset once Killing Floor 2 leaves Steam Early Access. Acting as peace of mind to the game’s early adopters, that guarantee will encompass any and all gear that players have unlocked, with Tripwire adding that this in-game content will still be there in the final build and any future iterations moving forward.

Presenting the familiar zombie-slaying trope and taking it to the extreme, Tripwire’s cult shooter harbors an addictive, over-the-top hoard mode that makes Call of Duty‘s Zombies Mode seem like a sugar-coated Nintendo game. Currently priced at $30, Killing Floor 2 brings back much of the zombies, perks and ludicrous arsenal from the original game, and the sequel has already carved out an army of loyal supporters.

Killing Floor 2 is expected to graduate from Steam Early Access later this year, and Tripwire plans to uphold support for the shooter through the likes of content patches and new weaponry in the months after launch.