The New Project CARS Stanceworks Expansion Is Available Now


As of today, car enthusiasts will have more reason to dive back in to Bandai Namco’s Project CARS as a new expansion pack is made available to all players. The Stanceworks expansion pack, which bases its content on the work of the car culture enthusiasts of the same name, adds a new racing track to the game as well as new vehicle variations to get behind the wheel of via the ON DEMAND system.

In summary, this eighth DLC instalment for Project CARS comes with the following additions:

Free Car #8 – Ford Falcon FG
MX-5 RadBul Formula Drift
BMW 1-Series M-Coupé Stanceworks Edition
BMW 2002 Turbo Stanceworks Edition
Bannochbrae Racing Course

Build around variations on some of the game’s existing vehicles, the two major elements of this pack are the 2014 Ford Falcon FG car, and the Bannochbrae track that will take you on a 4.5 mile course through the Scottish Highlands. You can check out the gorgeous course in action in the trailer at the top of this page.

This latest expansion pack is yet another in the long line of fresh content additions to Project CARS, and Bandai Namco say they are proud to “continue their commitment to brining fresh new content” to their racing title.

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