Are Prototype And Prototype 2 Coming To Xbox One & PS4?


It seems that both of Radical Entertainment’s Prototype games are on their way to Xbox One and PlayStation 4. At least, that’s what all the evidence suggests.

After briefly appearing on the Xbox One Store earlier this month, achievement and trophy lists for both Prototype 2 and its predecessor have appeared on the sister sites Xbox Achievements and PlayStation Trophies. They’re joined by a suspicious July 14th release date, which is awfully peculiar given that Activision has been mum about these remasters’ existence.

According to that since removed store listing, Prototype 2 will re-release with a host of DLC, including: Radnet, The Colossal Mayhem Pack and The Excessive Force Pack. However, like the collection itself, those details have yet to be confirmed. As such, we recommend taking everything with a grain of salt for now.

Hell, we don’t even know who’s in charge of these ports, given that Radical Entertainment no longer exists.

Stay tuned for more information pertaining to these potential current-gen versions of Prototype and Prototype 2, because we’ll surely be keeping an eye on the story as it develops. For now, though, take a moment to let us know your thoughts pertaining to the series, as well as its potential re-release.