New PS3 Software Update Adds Vita Trophy Support

On October 23, Sony will release a download for PlayStation 3 users to update their system’s software to version 4.30. The main changes this patch will bring all involve how and where Trophies are displayed.

The Trophies menu will move from the Games section to the PlayStation Network section on the XMB menu. In addition, players will be able to see their current trophy level and progress while browsing the ones they’ve already earned instead of having to view it in their friend list profile. Finally, PlayStation Vita users will be able to view the trophies they’ve earned in Vita games on the PS3 trophy list.

Additionally, the update will also get rid of the Life With PlayStation application previously available, as Sony’s collaboration with Stanford University that was the driving force behind the application has come to a close.

We will keep you informed on more PlayStation 3 updates as they become available.