PS4 Owners Get First Access To Marvel’s Avengers Beta

Marvel's Avengers

It might be coming to a platform near you much later than advertised, but the important takeaway is this: Marvel’s Avengers is on course to release in just over a month’s time and you don’t even need to wait until then to play it. Well sort of, anyway.

While it’s not immediately clear what it encompasses (timed exclusive content is usually par for the course), Sony appears to have brokered a deal with Square Enix as a means of ensuring owners of its console are first in line when the superhero title’s beta goes live later this month. We’ve known that to be the case for a while now, of course, though following today’s announcement, we know how much of a headstart PlayStation 4 gamers will have on everyone else.

As revealed to IGN, Marvel fans who have a standing PS4 pre-order for Crystal Dynamics’ ambitious superhero experience can take [insert your character of choice here] for a test drive starting August 7th. This initial trial will run for a week and conclude on August 14th, whereupon restrictions will be relaxed to allow everyone in. Xbox One and PC users will also be granted entry on the same day, though again, only for those who have already secured their copy of the full game.

As for those who would prefer to get a taste of what Marvel’s Avengers has to offer without investing any cash, a universal open beta (which will presumably also remain live for the full seven days) is due to follow on August 21st. Crystal has subsequently confirmed that a live stream showcasing content available in the beta is to be held on July 29th, so stay tuned for more details.

Marvel’s Avengers is out September 4th for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Stadia.