PS4 Survey Asks If You Want To Change Your PSN ID



Sony has sent out a survey on PlayStation 4 asking users what features they feel are the most important to be added to the console. The survey covers a range of topics, but perhaps most interestingly, it addresses a number of bugbears that have been bothering PlayStation 4 users for a while, implying that Sony is finally starting to look at a way to allow long suffering users to do away their with embarrassing PSN IDs and finally have the option to change their name.

The survey was first posted online by NeoGAF user Saint of Killers, and it also addresses other often requested features, including custom backgrounds and the ability to hide or completely remove an item from your library. On top of this, there are options to vote for PS1 classics and PS2 classics, suggesting that Sony may be looking at offering a larger range of re-releases and would like to gauge demand. This could be seen as a response to Microsoft’s upcoming backwards compatibility program for the Xbox One, though interestingly, the poll suggests that Sony has no interest in offering a backwards compatibility program of its own, which does match their previous statements.

One of the features –  the wishlist, was added to the web version of the PlayStation Store, but currently isn’t available on PlayStation 4 itself.

Most of the survey suggestions are fairly small additions, and it also goes on to ask the respondents when they expect “PlayStation to release the next big system software update (system software 4.0) with new features.” Following from that, a range of time frames are offered, going right up to “2017 or later.”

All that being said, it’s the hint at a PSN ID change that could be the biggest news here. The Sony fanbase have always been very vocal about their desire to be able to change their PSN IDs, and it’s become something of a meme within the PS4 community. Could this survey be a sign that they’re finally considering a policy change? It’s hard to know, but it does suggest that Sony are prepared to gauge the wants and needs of their fan base.

Tell us, what new features would you like to see in future PlayStation 4 software updates? Are you desperate to change your name, or are you crying out for more PS1 and PS2 re-releases?