New Trailer For Sony Japan’s Intriguing PSN Title Rain


Sony’s Japan Studio has lifted the curtain on a new, atmospheric trailer for their upcoming Playstation exclusive Rain. The game, which is set to hit the PSN this autumn, follows the adventure of a small boy who pursues a sprite-like girl into an alternate dimension – a plotline that echoes the young and dynamic relationship of ICO, itself a SCE Japan Studio game. For a melancholy glimpse of the project, check out the brand new story-centric trailer below.

Living up to the eponymous weather pattern, the game will take place in a murky, water-drenched world where players must avoid phantom nasties that stalk the night. The subversive twist, however, is that the character you control becomes invisible when he’s not in the rain. It’s a clever mechanic and one that will evoke a sense of vulnerability in the boy’s demeanour and perhaps even trepidation for the player. In its watery essence, Rain is essentially a puzzle platformer and one that will encourage gamers to explore the urban environment – which appears to mirror a European city in terms of architecture.

Even from the trailer – aptly entitled ‘Two Silhouettes’ – it’s evident that Rain will be brimming with a poignant, almost palpable sense of atmosphere. As the game progresses, the player will develop a touching relationship with this transient girl and their partnership has been described as, “an emotional journey that will remind players of a distant yet familiar time,” according to the studio’s associate producer, Dais Kawaguchi.

Certainly the game’s aesthetic and dark, almost gothic visuals would lend credence to the boy’s journey being touching and existential. What’s more, the developer has promised that Rain will be a full-sized game – a criticism levelled at many a PSN title – so it’s encouraging to know gamers will be getting good value for money.

Rain will be a Playstation exclusive and while the game is scheduled for autumn of this year, Sony’s Japan Studio will most likely pin a firm release date in a couple of weeks time. We know for sure that the game will be playable at E3, so watch this saturated space and give us your impressions of the project in the comments below.