Psychological Horror Layers Of Fear Arrives February 16 On PlayStation 4


There’s a new horror game on the block, and it’s aiming to scare the pants off of you like never before. Layers Of Fear scares its way onto PlayStation 4 this February, and it looks terrifically unsettling – a must have for horror aficionados. The release date announcement – made over on the official PlayStation blog by developer Bloober Team SA’s Rafal Basai, also sheds some light on what Layers Of Fear is all about. Hint: bad stuff happens.

In Layers of Fear you play as an anonymous painter, clearly haunted by his tragic past and fixated on regaining what he has lost. His only solace is to delve deep into madness while trying to finish his life’s work — his Magnum Opus. The game is a psychedelic, atmospheric thriller, with the plot focused on the drive for perfection and where it can lead you as a person.

But what’s going to set this new tale of insanity, hallucinatory visions – and painting, apparently – apart from its contemporaries? Basai has the answer.

In creating Layers of Fear, we also wanted to bring a new perspective to the horror genre by introducing a lead character whose own world changes around him as he struggles with insanity and loses his grip on reality. Both the fine art surroundings and the painter’s family home, originally sources of inspiration and accomplishment, deteriorate along with the character’s own psyche, representing how madness, obsession, and tragedy can influence one’s mind and cause the player to doubt his or her every step.

A horror game that becomes progressively surreal and unsettling the deeper you go sounds just swell, doesn’t it? You’ll be able to judge for yourself on February 16 when Layers Of Fear launches. See you on the other side. That is, if you even make it through at all.