Puppeteer TGS Trailer Gives Us An Extended Look At The Game’s Story

SCE Japan Studio’s latest game, Puppeteer, was unquestionably the most visually fascinating title that Sony announced at Gamescom last August. Unfortunately, the developer didn’t bring a playable demo to TGS this past week but they did release a new trailer, giving us an extended look at the title’s unique presentation and story.

Puppeteer has players take on the role of Kutaro, a young boy who is captured by the Moon Bear King and turned into a living puppet. The tyrant King becomes displeased with Kutaro soon after the transformation and proceeds to snap off his wooden head to consume it.

After being tossed aside by the Moon Bear King, Kutaro’s body finds a pair of magical scissors that can cut through the game’s environment, and he sets off on a quest to recover his head and find his way home.

The world that Kutaro travels through is presented in the form of a puppet show, with pieces of the scenery flying into place as he moves through the game’s levels. The title seems to have a dark, yet whimsical, fairy tale feel to it and is definitely a visual treat worth checking out.

A release date for Puppeteer has not been announced. Take a look at the Tokyo Game Show 2012 trailer below, and we will keep you in the loop as soon as Sony reveals more details.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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