The Queen’s Wrath Awaits You Guardian As Bungie Unveils New Destiny Community Events


Take heed, Guardians, for Bungie has detailed a pair of community events that will weave their way into Destiny in the coming days.

First up is the Combined Arms playlist, a competitive event that will be added to the in-game Crucible today, September 19th, and run over the course of the weekend. Described as “all out war on a massive scale,” players will be divided into fire teams of six before making their way across the battlefield, which is said to be littered with heavy weapon ammo drops — machine guns and rocket launchers for all, then! The event will go offline on September 21st.

If PVP combat isn’t your thing, though, fear not: Bungie has provided the first details on a set of bounty missions known as The Queen’s Wrath. Beginning Tuesday, September 23rd, this mode in particular will have players venturing out into the Reef to take orders from the Awoken ruler. As with other missions within the game itself, Guardians can choose individual difficulty, with The Queen’s Wrath event promising unique Legendary and Rare gear for those who triumph.

Looking further ahead in Destiny’s timeline of content, Bungie are set to add another playlist before the end of September called Salvage, while Iron Banner will appear at some point in October.

Without doubt, introducing free DLC in this way will certainly help sustain Destiny in the weeks and indeed months after release. After all, the lingering criticism that many people have found with the Bungie’s shooter — myself included — is that, once you tread across the stunning vistas one too many times, it becomes a case of been there, done that.

But hey, who doesn’t love the promise of Legendary gear, right? Destiny players can look forward to the Combined Arms playlist and The Queen’s Wrath on September 19th and September 23rd, respectively. For more on the events, you can check out the image below.