Rainbow Six Team Tasked With Stopping A Homegrown NY Terrorist Plot

An unnamed source has told Kotaku that Ubisoft is hard at work on a new Rainbow Six title, behind closed doors. The new game, simply known as Rainbow Six at this moment in time, will leave the series’ comfortable next-gen confines of Las Vegas for the grid-line streets of New York City.

It was said that this game will be a bit of a departure from the gameplay structure we knew and loved in Rainbow Six: Vegas and its sequel, in an attempt to bring the series back to its roots. Players will be tasked with orchestrating breaches, attacks and invasions with precision, in order to maximize their efficiency and eliminate friendly casualties, as they battle a homegrown terrorist cell.

Fed up with the greed on Wall Street, this group of violent sociopaths has decided to take out its anger on the innocent citizens of New York City. The game’s storyline will be much bigger this time around, and the game will pay more focus to its storyline than any previous iterations of the series.

In early Rainbow Six titles, players had to carefully read a mission briefing before choosing the team they felt would be best at tackling the terrorist threat within. They would control the main leader of the team, as he set way-points and objectives for his fellow military tacticians to follow and execute.

Failure was not an option – that is, unless you wanted to restart the mission over again with new tactics, so you had to make your first attempt count. Of course, many of us faced that game over screen more than once during some missions, because the game was extremely challenging. Apparently it’s these roots that the development team is using for inspiration.

The source confirmed that the upcoming game will once again be a first-person shooter, with a third person view-point while you’re in cover. They went on to mention that it will feature a much more icon-rich graphics engine, which should help players manage their team members, objectives and goals.

Ubisoft has not yet officially confirmed or denied this source’s comments. It is unclear as to whether or not it will be shown at E3 next week.