Ratchet And Clank’s Most Important Weapons

With Ratchet And Clank: All 4 One looming rather excitedly on the gaming horizon, Sony has begun releasing comical ‘demonstration’ videos that show off some of the new toys featured in the new game. Due to this, I thought it’d be fitting to revisit the best gadgets and gizmos of destructo-craziness the colourful duo have wielded so far in their adventures.

Some of the weapons that stomp into the newer instalments feel like repackaged imitations of the earlier originality that served Insomniac so well. But, aside from the typical videogame regurgitation, the impressive 100 something arsenal has been rather interesting in all sorts of shooty bouncy ways.

In no particular order:

#1: The RYNO

I’m referring to all of them really but most obviously the first version. This monster of a weapon embodied and happily embraced all the giant rocket clichés that constantly surround stereotypical testosterone oozing action men and put it in the hands of our humble heroes. The RYNO was ludicrously big and deliriously fun to use, it appeals to the childish desire for total destruction at face value. Best for: making a mess.

#2: Agents Of Doom

The first manifestation of this particular comical genius and brilliance is one of the game’s best weapons. With gradual upgrades, modifications, and successors, it’s easy to forget the lunatic battle ferret/dog/things. It was one of the first weapons that caught on to the idea of mindlessly loyal minions and how funny they can be. Best for: making things easier for you.

#3: Suck Cannon

The idea is wonderfully simple; you suck up your ammunition (anything roughly the size of a football, living or not) into an overpowered vacuum and then fire it back out at any nearby enemies. Simple yet highly addictive. The Suck Cannon introduced an entirely new gameplay mechanic and gave you another option for blasting foes. There is something bizarrely satisfying and pleasing about harvesting your own impromptu ammunition by recycling your enemies into deadly explosives. Best for: those without bullets and pest control.

#4: Scorpion Flail

The Plasma Whip did technically come first, but the delightfully crude nod to Viking brutality (sort of) was far more interesting than the electric leash. It is quite literally the best melee weapon (I personally feel) in any third person shooting game. The ridiculous appearance of a giant retractable morning star alone is mischievously inviting. Smashing this huge ball of pointy pain into various objects would shake the screen and utterly annihilate anything in between it and the floor without fail. Once again a simple idea, but masterfully executed. Best for: bashing things.

#5: Bomb Glove

As far as I know this was the first ‘glove’ weapons you got to use in the R&C universe (or at least one of the very first, correct me if I’m wrong folks), and because of this, it deserves the credit for bringing the concept into the game. The R&C series has gone onto make a range of ‘gloves’ available to the player in every game since. From this quirky idea of gadget glove supplying all manner of whackiness we got things like the mini turrets, the Groovitron, the Holoshield and so on. The glove has become one of the most iconic weapon types in gaming and a trademark gadget for Ratchet And Clank. Best for: sticky situations.

#6: Morph-o-Ray

Another gun that doesn’t need ammo. Weapons like this are perfect examples of Insomniac’s playfulness, and by allowing players to turn enemies into chickens, it was both surprising and hilarious. The colourful beam would swirl and pulse until the targeted foe was morphed into a harmless piece of poultry, the comical potential of such a device could not be squandered in a single game. It once again, like so many other of the R&C weapons, ensured there was a huge amount of variety in the game and kept your arsenal interesting and unusual. Best for: amusing sillyness.

#7: Tesla Claw

The awesome looking electric gun which spat out a focussed stream of angry energy is right up there on the list of best weapons. It would allow you to zap and dazzle enemies, and was one of the more eye catching weapons in the series. It’s a shame this one hasn’t been developed and reworked as much as some of the other weapons have, Insomniac could have an InFamous rivalling mini-tribute gun no? Best for: annoying enemies.

#8: Visibomb Gun

One of the earlier weapons to dabble in the realm of guided missiles. Aside from playing Metal Gear Solid, players rarely got the opportunity to actually steer a rocket. The novelty of this function was terribly exciting at the time. You would use it to pick off enemies around corners, scout an area ahead, or clear trickier foes from a safe distance. Despite being difficult to accurately guide into things, it opened up an entirely new layer of gameplay. Plus, the sensation of flying was rather fun. Best for: playing it safe.

There are many guns to choose from in the R&C universe but which ones do you like best? Were some more significant than others?