Razer Introduces The Razer Blade

If you’d have taken a guess at what Razer meant by “PC Gaming is not Dead” in their teaser campaign earlier this week, perhaps a laptop, complete with all the bells and whistles, that will likely cost over a thousand bucks was not your first guess. But that is what it was all boiling down to – meet the Razer Blade.

Complete with touch screen on the keyboard for rapid input, high-end parts, 8 gigs of RAM and small frame for the best in portability, the Blade may seem like a Laptop to dream about and it’s certainly a nice piece of kit.

But, I’m not quite sure how to this dispels the myth that PC gaming is ridiculously expensive to keep up with, considering this laptop is going to be at least four times more expensive than the PS3.

You know what would pull the console crowd? Good deals and unbelievable prices. Borderlands GOTY for a fiver on Steam, for instance.

Min-Liang Tan spoke on the price, via Twitter:

Min-Liang Tan ‎@Kevin Li – We are actively trying to bring the price down. As I mentioned, I want to sell these at US$999 more than many of you want to buy it at $999 (or $199, 299, or free as many have asked for it ). It’ll take time – you’re an engineer, you know that custom parts are expensive – that’s how it is.

What do you think? Will you be buying this?