An All Red Xbox One Controller Is On The Way

Later this month, those who happen to be in the market for a new, Bluetooth-enabled Xbox One controller will find that they’ll have yet another colour to choose from. This time around, it’ll be the red variant; a Gamestop and Microsoft Store exclusive that will begin selling on January 10th, for $64.99 USD.

Covered entirely in two different shades of red, this controller only uses black where it needs to. That is, to accent its face buttons, which also feature red lettering. Everything else is red or dark red, the latter of which is found on the controller’s shoulder buttons, triggers and backside.

When it’s released, this new look accessory will join an already stacked offering of coloured Xbox One controllers. It’s a long list that includes the staples like black and white, but also extends to light blue, a pink and black Dawn Shadow variation and quite a few more. In fact, this technically isn’t the console’s first red controller, as last fall saw the release of two: the Crimson Red Gears of War 4 controller and the ever-expensive Gears of War 4-themed Elite Controller. Furthermore, the red that is used here is the same one that has been available for use in the Xbox Design labs, and is almost identical to what we chose for the custom controller that we designed and reviewed.

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