Report: The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Won’t Be a Nintendo Switch Launch Title


If you were intending to pick up a Nintendo Switch on launch day in order to play the definitive version of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild next year, you might want to hold off on your pre-order. According to noted Nintendo tipster Emily Rogers, various sources close to the company have let slip that the highly anticipated title won’t see a release to coincide with the Switch due to localization issues stemming from the sheer size of the game and its features.

Apparently, localization duties are still ongoing, with the process potentially not being complete until December. Following that, the game will “require between four-to-six months of testing,” meaning we’re probably looking at a potential summer release for the ambitious title. While nothing is definitively confirmed at this point, Eurogamer has also received similar reports from its own sources, so it’s highly likely that you won’t be seeing Breath of The Wild in March.

Assuming all of the above to be true, the question remains: what first-party Nintendo title is going to headline the launch of the Nintendo Switch? The only characters to rival Link in the popularity department are Mario and Samus. With there having been no word on a game being in development for the latter, we can only assume that a brand new Mario title will be taking the reins.

Nintendo Switch launches March 2017. Expect to hear a whole lot more about the console come January next year.