Report: Nintendo Switch Will Feature GameCube Virtual Console Support


Nintendo has left the world waiting until January next year for more solid details concerning the Nintendo Switch, but according to the most recent reports, one of the device’s most appealing features may have already been outed ahead of its intended reveal date. Three separate sources have confirmed to Eurogamer that the console will have the ability to play GameCube games via the Virtual Console service, with three titles – Super Smash Bros. Melee, Super Mario Sunshine and Luigi’s Mansion – already reported to be working and ready to go.

Animal Crossing is supposedly the next game being added to the line-up, with Eurogamer noting that the classic NES titles – which were obtainable and playable within the game – are also functioning. Gameception, anyone? What exactly prompted Nintendo to finally include the GameCube in its list of consoles supported through the Virtual Console isn’t clear, but it’s probably got something to do with the Switch’s superior power and components in comparison to its predecessor. The relatively small leap in hardware power between the Wii U and the original Wii is widely considered to be one of the contributing factors to its early downfall, along with the notable lack of third-party support.

Thankfully, early signs point to Nintendo having learned its lesson from the past generation, with various big-name studios and developers having already registered their intention to support the device following its release. In fact, it emerged earlier today via Let’s Play Video Games that From Software has reportedly managed to port Dark Souls III to the Switch, although it’s not guaranteed to ever see a release.

As usual, you should hold off on taking any of the above as fact until Nintendo makes it official, however likely it may seem. Expect the full blowout on the Nintendo Switch‘s intricacies early next year.